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Our Laser Hair Removal Procedure

By : Madeleen

We want to explain the exact procedure of laser hair removal so that you understand the treatment properly and know what to expect. This article describes the process, why it works, and how successful laser hair removal is.

The HARMONY SHR system makes use of Advance Fluorescence Technology which transmits heat. When such intense heat is directed at each single hair follicle, the follicle becomes damaged and it reduces the follicles ability to grow hair. This process results in stable long-term or permanent hair reduction.

It must be understood that laser hair removal does not promise the permanent removal of all hair. It does however provide long periods of hair-free areas after several treatments. Periodic touch up treatments may be necessary due to hormonal changes over time.

Conditions that might influence the results are hormonal changes, genes, drugs (corticosteroids, hormone treatment and immunosuppressive self or spousal use of minoxidil. Common side effects of laser hair removal are skin irritation and pigmentation in the treated area should the correct after care not be taken e.g. Avoid exposure to sunlight for at least a week after your treatment; avoid exposing area to unsanitary conditions, no exercise straight after the treatment.


The process can be painful but with the Harmony SHR, it is virtually pain free. The Harmony SHR is the only clinically proven laser to provide virtually pain free hair removal. This is due to the gradual heat that the laser applies to the dermis which damages the hair follicle while not damaging the surrounding tissue. It uses high repetition with low influence, which decreases pain and irritation. The Harmony SHR also offers the added benefit on working for all skin, including tanned and Indian skin and it works on all hair types.

The number of treatments recommended is normally 8-10. If you would like to laser a fairly private area of your body, the therapist will only be working with that area and the rest of your body may remain covered. Depending on your hair type, the area, and so forth, the process can take ten minutes to an hour. This also depends on your threshold for the feeling of the laser.

You can make payment after your treatment and the booking for your next appointment is usually made about four to six weeks later. It is important to remember that once you start the laser hair removal journey, the time of waxing is over. You will be asked to shave in between treatments. Using this procedure can interfere with the success of the laser because it interrupts the growth cycle of the hair follicle.

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