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Make Age Just a Number

By : Madeleen

Some of us have a fear of getting old, but everyone would benefit being able to age gracefully. Madeleen Health and Beauty Studio offer a number of treatments which aid the body in its response and process to ageing.

Dr. Stern Pretorius is part of our team and offers twelve years of experience. He provides both Botox and Filler treatments which help with the aesthetics of the skin for a line and wrinkle-free appearance.

Nimue is a South African leading skin care brand both globally and in South Africa. They are well known for their expert experience and understanding of the skin and various derma logical conditions. Nimue works to treat skin below the surface and their four pillars are Rejuvenation, Restoration, Anti-oxidation and Sun Protection.

We offer a Nimue Anti-Ageing facial which has a 15% Bioactive Complex. This facial provides a relaxing treatment for the face and allows hydration and restoration of the skin. It further reduces lines and plumps the skin for a younger look and feel.


Micro-needling is a process whereby the skin is minimally traumatised to allow for the production of collagen to increase. This treatment is known for taking years off your face. The tiny needles break down old skin and scar tissue to encourage the multiplication of new cells which results in new collagen and elastin. The process is ideal for ageing skin, loose skin, acne, scars, and stretch marks.

The great benefit about Micro-needling is that it is a non-surgical answer to improve signs of ageing. There is no down-time, with the client only experiencing temporary redness of the skin after the treatment.

Nu-Skin is a brand that has been involved with anti-ageing research for a long time. We provide Nu-Skin treatments in our studio for your face. This brand goes beyond the simple symptoms of ageing and deals with the source.  The treatment is done with the Nu-Skin machine and age-loc gel ampoules.

Our brand new range, QMS, is a range that focuses on collagen enhancing technology. The process of collagen synthesis in the body slows down from the age of 25. QMS Medicosmetics reversed the appearance of aging by addressing the underlying cause which is the loss of collagen.  We offer a variety of QMS Facials and an Intensive eye treatment which will give you visible results on fine lines and slows down the process of ageing.

At Madeleen Health and Beauty, we want to partner with clients to feel and look younger and healthier without having to go through unnecessary surgeries. Helping you and educating you to understand your own skin and provide it with the necessary care and treatments is what we are passionate about. For any skin, ageing, or treatment questions, please feel free to contact us.

Nimue has launched two new anti-ageing products:
Anti-Ageing – Leave On Mask
Anti-Ageing – Eye Cream

You can also enquire about the Nimue Booster Range

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