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It’s in the Small Details

By : Madeleen

It is no secret that your ‘big day’ should be perfect. You want to look and feel your best, and that is why hair and make-up are such an important part of your wedding planning. This article serves to explain why these two jobs need to be given to the right person, and why it is worth the research.

Make-up for weddings is different to every day make up – it needs to be timeless, weather and emotion-resistant, and it needs to look good in reality as well as in photos. You or your bridesmaids may be quite talented with make up when going out on a girl’s night but ensure that the person doing your make up on the day of your wedding has experience in wedding make-up. The lighting, camera effects, and fading on your make-up, all impact the ways in which your memories will be made. If someone can provide you with camera ready, long lasting make-up that you feel beautiful with, they are one step closer to being perfect for you.
A professional make-up artist is not just someone that arrives on the day of your wedding, does your make-up, and leaves. You have a trial which allows you and the artist to understand each other better, and the artist can advise other treatments that may be beneficial to you, such as a facial if needed.

When it comes to your hair – we all know how a bad hair-day can change our day in less than seconds. With a professional taking care of these tasks, they are no longer your concern. Professional hairstylists have experience with your type of hair, as well as the type of event they are preparing you for. Experience, as well as profession goes a long way in making your special day less stressful, more enjoyable, and truly special.

Furthermore, a wedding hairstylist is experienced in bringing your hair and your veil together without fuss, or destruction! They know how to ensure that your hair looks great from every angle and that it compliments you and your dress, as well as your make-up and features. The day of your wedding is a fleeting moment, but your photos remain for you to enjoy years after the event. We are here to make sure that you feel absolutely beautiful in those memories. We offer professional hair and make-up services and are passionate about bringing the best to every bride to ensure that they feel amazing on their wedding day.

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