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How to achieve perfect skin with the JANUS Machine

By : Madeleen

The perfection referred to is not the mathematical golden ratio discovered around 430 BC. No, we are speaking of the skin you are most comfortable in. The glow of health and radiance of happiness that shines through your smile and skin. At Madeleen Health and Beauty we promote holistic and sustainable health and beauty regimes such as regular exercise, the use of quality skin and hair products, a balanced diet and most importantly, self-confidence.

Health and beauty form part of the crux of what we do and essentially who we are. Your health is your most important asset. This is why we invest so much time and energy in looking and feeling good. Here is how you can obtain the “perfect skin” with our new Janus Machine.

Step 1
The first step to better skin is knowing the current condition of your skin. The JANUS machine allows for a comprehensive analysis of your skin using snapshots. Polarized, UV and Normal Light Source is used.

Step 2
Once your photos have been loaded and analyzed by the Janus (no human opinion involved), our skin care specialists in the studio will do a personalized prescription accordingly. A personalized prescription is the true key to improve your skin. The idea of beauty differs from place to place, person to person and also from skin-type to skin-type. Let’s help you find your best version.

Step 3
The last step in adding value and attaining your “perfect” skin is monitoring and evaluation. This comprises of analyzing the success rate of your new prescription and tweaking it where necessary. The second JANUS consultation will then focus on your progress. Your progress will be updated and saved after every scan which ensures we adapt and improve with your skin as the months and years go by.

There you have it, in three easy steps you too can achieve your “perfect” skin with our new JANUS machine and your new and improved prescription. No more wasting money on the wrong products. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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