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We offer hair and makeup for weddings and special occasions such as engagement shoots, matric-farewell, year-end functions, anniversary dinners, 21st birthdays or any occasion you’d like to feel beautiful and make memorable


The trip to the altar can be a stressful experience from choosing the right life partner to choosing the right final portrait. Your journey down the aisle will begin six months beforehand, with a range of SKIN treatments, private “spa-ties” for you and your bridal party and professional hair and makeup styling on your wedding day.

Bridal Make-Up

R 1800

This includes a trial in our studio

Bridal Hair

R 1800

This includes a trial in our studio

Bridal Party

R 1100 each

R550 for hair and R550 for makeup

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To ensure your big day flows easily, and to make any changes, trials are a great way to see how beautiful you will look in advance. These can take place one month prior. Usually only the bride decides to have a trial but sometimes the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids or friends want one at the same time. The trial cost is the same as what we charge on the day.Look at pictures of make-up and hair styles that appeal to you and send it to

Look at pictures of make-up and hair styles that appeal to you and send it to I will then have a good idea of what you want and can do preparations accordingly.I like my brides to arrive at the trial with their veil, and/or hair accessories so that we can ensure that everything is exactly right and there are no last minute surprises, yes there can be!

The trial gives both you as the bride, and me as the artist the opportunity to get to know each other and feel completely at ease on your very important day. When I arrive for the wedding, my brides always greet me like a friend and this welcoming attitude creates a lovely atmosphere for the big day; so yes, I suggest having a trial is a good idea.”!

Make sure your trial is booked between 9:00-16:00 in the day as I need the best light possible. When you book your trial, I suggest you book it on the same day as a dress-fitting so that you can put the picture together and get excited about the look for your special day.

Have your hair clean and washed the night before. We do not have a washing facility in the studio. Make sure you use a professional shampoo from a salon. Some cosmetic shampoos coat the hair and curls won’t stay as long. Make sure you do not put an elastic band in your hair before you arrive for your trial. The best is to just wet your hair in the morning and blow dry as per normal with your hair hanging forward. If you will be using any hairpieces/flowers in your style, then this is always ascertained at the trial appointment. For hairpieces you can contact Erin Greyling

Exfoliate your skin the night before with a good enzyme exfoliator. We give samples to brides if you don’t have one.

Please make sure you book for a brow shape before your trial, as makeup does not take on a waxed area straight afterwards. Most people go quite red when their brows get shaped and that will influence the look of the makeup.

To bring with:

  • Your checklist of what you DO NOT want.
  • Have in mind what your fiancé likes and dislike.
  • 3 hours of your time.
  • A camera/phone to take pictures.
  • If you only feel comfortable with one lip colour, make sure it is in your handbag.
  • Your veil, if possible.
  • A clean face. If you can, please arrive at the studio without any makeup; not even mascara.

Look at pictures of makeup and hair styles that appeals to you and send it to I will then have a good idea of what you want and can do preparations accordingly. Also send me a rough idea of the look and feel of your wedding and also your dress, so we can do the style of your hair and makeup accordingly.

With 10 years of experience I normally suggest that you do not bring too many people along to the trial because of too many opinions and if you do not have something specific in mind and everyone gives their likes and dislikes you end up being confused and emotional. I will assist you to get the perfect style for you!

Looking forward to spend this exciting time with you!

Trials are done at our studio in Stellenbosch.

Fill out a consultation form as an enquiry for availability and services needed . An email will be sent to you with a quote attached. A deposit of 50% is charged to secure your day. The deposit can be done electronically and confirmed by proof of payment. Please note, deposits are non-refundable.

Unfortunately not, we work on first deposit paid system to give everyone a fair chance.

No, choose one or both. The minimum booking for weddings on a Friday and Saturday for hair and/or makeup is 4 people. Other days work by arrangement.

R4.2/km from Stellenbosch

I cater for any number. I will employ an expert assistant if large numbers are involved.

Timing for the wedding day is arranged at the trial. Who is having what and when, with the option for change of course where possible.

The make up takes a minimum of thirty minutes per person for the bridal party. Hair can take about fifty to sixty minutes per person depending on the style chosen.I need two hours for the bride’s hair and makeup.

I like to have the bride finished third out of a four party wedding so she can dress and prepare. The person chosen to help her dress may like to be ready at this time also.

I come with all the make-up and/or hair kits. I like to have a table near daylight for makeup and near a power point for hair styling. Everyone should, if possible, be there when I arrive so that I can decide on what order we will go with, along with your opinions.

You should be ready by the time the photographer arrives and allow enough time to dress and get to your ceremony venue in a calm and organised way. My suggestion is to be done with hair and makeup 90min before the start of your wedding.

The wedding days that we have been involved in have always been calm and happy – they are well planned and very memorable!

I recommend brides book 9-12 months in advance, especially between September-May. Their day is then confirmed and they can relax.

The trial can be booked 1 month before the time.

If a trial is cancelled within 24 hours of the trial appointment then the fee is due and payable. This amount will be added to the wedding balance.

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It’s an ideal opportunity to look your very best and we are excited to help you with hair and makeup enhance your best features! Let’s make it a special event and one to remember! Don’t be resigned to accepting that age means a less fabulous look. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Special Occasion Make-Up
R 550

Feel special for that special occasion

Special Occasion Hair
R 550

Feel special for that special occasion

Make-Up Workshop
120min | R880 pp (max 3 people)

Bring your own makeup and I will show you how to do it yourself. This is a good idea for a mother and daughter outing



Yes, but there will be a travel fee of R4,2/km.

I have been doing makeup since 2004 and hair since 2006, so you are in good hands 🙂

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